Different Types of Burns Claims And What You Need to Do

Burns injuries are among the most common reasons for personal injury claims in the UK today. Unfortunately, even with a robust health and safety regulatory system, these kinds of injuries occur all too often in the workplace and public places. There are many different types of burns injuries, and many reasons to make a claim for compensation. Here is a quick guide to what you need to know and what you need to do should you be affected by a burn injury.


Places Where a Burn Injury Can Occur

Burns can occur in many different places outside the home, and not just in a place you would expect them to occur like a factory or a kitchen. Of course, it is very common to suffer a burn in a commercial kitchen where you are exposed to heat from many different sources. It is also common to experience a burn when you work in a place like a foundry or a steelworks.

But burns can also occur in any other kind of place where you are exposed to heat or to electrical equipment or chemicals. For example, a burn could occur in the beauty salon as a result of burns from laser hair removal or chemical burns from hair dye. You may also suffer burns if you have to work outside without proper protection from the sun.

When You Can Make a Burns Injury Claim

Your employer or the person in charge of the place where you are visiting as a member of the public, has a duty of care to protect you from the risks that come with extreme heat or electrical appliances. This duty of care includes putting in place measures that are aligned with current health and safety standards, and making sure that all equipment is properly functioning and safe. Someone administering a beauty treatment where there is a risk of burns must be properly trained. If this duty of care is not followed and an injury occurs, there may be grounds for compensation.

Procedure for a Burns Injury Claim

A burn is extremely painful and it has the potential to cause a large amount of suffering, both physically and mentally. The compensation for an injury like this is to reimburse you for damages caused by the injury. You may have developed scars which affect your self-confidence or your ability to work. You may have post-traumatic stress after the incident or depression. There is nothing that can be paid which will undo the harm done, but compensation can help to pay for better treatment or help a family cope when one person can no longer earn.

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